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Learn How to Find Objective Financial Advice

Helping you learn how to find objective fee-only financial advice (and avoid commission-based investment product salesmen) since 2019

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Helping You Learn How to Be an AdvisorSmart® Investor

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Helping you learn how to find an objective fee-only financial advisor is our business.  Unfortunately, the vast majority of investors get their financial advice from investment product salesmen.  We believe that you deserve unbiased financial advice and our mission is to help you to find it. We're prepared to provide you with the information that you need to search for and select an objective fee-only financial advisor.  Ultimately we want you to learn how to become an  AdvisorSmart®  investor. 

We believe that finding an objective financial advisor requires three simple decisions to:

1. Avoid financial product salesmen

2. Seek out objective financial advisors

3. Select evidence-based financial advisors

Our promise is to provide you with the information that you need to become an  AdvisorSmart® investor. 

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smart, intelligent, academic, fee-only financial advice


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